British Values

At Hilltop Infant School we are very proud to be British. We believe that the universal values we hold dear support our children to develop an understanding of democracy, the rule of law and individual liberty as well as supporting them to develop respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs. Here are some of the ways in which British Values are recognised and promoted at Hilltop Infant School:


  • We actively promote diversity through celebrations of different faiths and cultures in lessons and assemblies


  • Our Class and School Councils, together with our Eco-Committee, enable all children at Hilltop Infant School to learn about mutual respect and democracy. Children learn about elections and about making collective decisions


  • Sharing our class promises and rules with the whole community helps everyone to develop an understanding of the “rule of law”


  • Through Mystery Pupil meetings and other pupil perception activities, we seek the views of our children and use these views to help improve our school • Respect is one of our universal values. We promote and discuss respect for others as part of our PSHCE lessons and assemblies


  • Children are given the opportunity to make choices as part of their learning. They are actively encouraged to consider the impact of their decisions on other people. Recognition is given to children who make positive choices


  • All children are expected to take roles of responsibility and to understand that they have an important part to play in their community


  • Lunchtime heroes support others who would benefit from friendship and lead activities in the playground


  • Year 2 Tour Guides assist at open mornings



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