Welcome to Hilltop Infant School

A very warm welcome to Hilltop Infant School!


We are an Outstanding school based at the heart of our local community with families having a very positive extended relationship with the school whilst sending their children through our school and on to our on-site junior school. We are currently very excited with the prospect of opening an on-site nursery to further extend our involvement with the families at our school.


As of September 2017 our little family grew as we joined the HEARTS Academy Trust. This was a very positive move forward as it gave us access to the highly experience Directors of Learning and Lead Practitioners used within the trust to enhance teaching and learning.


All the staff, children and families at our school uphold the HEARTS values each day through everything we do. HAPPINESS is at the very core of our school and as you walk between classrooms, playgrounds and other areas in the school you can't help but hear the sound of laughter or see a smile. We raise the ESTEEM of all members within our community through a variety of ways and ensure that we celebrate all the ACHIEVEMENTS members of the Hilltop Infant family make. RESPECT is an essential element within our school and we encourage everyone to embrace this value at all times whilst celebrity the truly diverse and wonderful world in which the children at our school are growing up in.


RESPONSIBILITY is a skill we encourage our children to develop from the moment they arrive in our school to help build their self-confidence and independence which in turn supports their learning. The art of telling the TRUTH is one that even adults find tricky at times but we are relentless in our approach towards encouraging everyone to speak with honesty in our school. The school provides an enormous SERVICE beyond it's initial remit of education, supporting a wide range of charities, supporting the local community and helping other people and animals around the world. Finally, the importance of developing SPIRITUALITY to help us all appreciate and enjoy the beauty of life, the wonders around us and having the opportunity to explore those bigger questions.


If you would like to come to visit our school and meet the wonderful staff and amazing children please feel free to contact the school office and arrange a viewing. I would be very keen to show you around our school and share our overarching belief that 'Everyone is different, everyone is special'.


Karen Mackenzie

Executive Headteacher









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Hilltop Infant School

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Executive Headteacher: Mrs Karen Mackenzie

Senco: Mrs Hanli Bouwer

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